laineyqueenofpie: Would you be so kind as to translate, “On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat” and then in a separate line, “to the wolf with the red roses?”  I’m thinking of getting a tattoo of that lyric and I think having it in Vulcan calligraphy would be sweet.  Wa’paitaren du!

Certainly. Translated, it would be:

Vesht dungi-nufau tu drahk t’du du’fal Belaar mu-yor

na’wolf k’yon-kur ros.

"past will’(would)offer you throat of’you during’hot Summer night

toward’wolf with’red rose”

Notes on translation:

There is no Vulcan word for “wolf” or “rose” and they are strictly Terran. The language has borrowed words, however - often simply the same word spelled phonetically in Vulcan (wolf, ros).

There are two words for summer, one colloquial (Belaar) and one scientific (fal-wak). I have used Belaar because fal-wak translates directly to “hot-time” and the word hot preceded the name of the season already.

Here they are in traditional calligraphy:

(Part one)


(Part two)


If you do decide to use these for your tattoo, I would recommend going over it yourself just in case using the chart at Korsaya - it would be permanent and I would not want you to find any mistakes in the future.

Dif-tor heh smusma